NEW Terminix® Home Disinfecting Service

Your protection is our priority.

As an essential services provider, Terminix is committed to protecting your home and providing peace of mind. Terminix has always been a trusted partner for pest prevention. Now, we’re offering a service to help protect you and your family from a different kind of threat: pathogens, including harmful bacteria and viruses.

Not all household cleaning items are effective at eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria. Even if they are effective, they must be used frequently, in the right manner and on all appropriate surfaces and items. Our new Terminix Home Disinfecting Service uses a commercial-grade disinfectant that is EPA-approved to kill known coronaviruses.


Here’s how our service works:


Because safety is our top priority, all technicians who enter your home will be wearing personal protective equipment, including respiratory protection, protective suits, gloves and goggles.


Expertly trained technicians will inspect and disinfect high-touch, non-porous surfaces in your home.


Our treatment uses a commercial-grade disinfectant that is EPA-approved to kill known coronaviruses and many pathogens, including harmful viruses and bacteria.


Terminix has enhanced safety and cleanliness protocols, including regular cleaning and disinfecting of company vehicles and service equipment to avoid cross-contamination.

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