Aptive Plans and Services

Aptive offers a single, comprehensive service called the Four Seasons Protection Plan. This environmentally responsible approach involves an initial visit followed by quarterly applications once per season. During applications, Aptive uses child- and pet-friendly pest control products with the lowest level of toxicity possible. These products are derived from chrysanthemums, which produce the natural insecticide pyrethrin.

The Four Seasons Protection Plan begins with an initial inspection, where a certified pest specialist will identify risk areas and develop a customized quarterly protection plan. During this visit, Aptive will treat the foundation of your home and your garage, targeting all cracks and crevices. The specialist will also knock down all spider webs and wasps nests.

The full inspection also includes a flushing treatment, killing 70 to 80 percent of the adult pests in your home. According to an Aptive representative, Aptive can’t eliminate eggs during this appointment because there aren’t safe products that can penetrate the eggs. Aptive will return within 30 to 45 days to kill any hatched eggs and surviving pests, then continue to visit every quarter.

During these quarterly visits, Aptive will implement its custom treatment plan and treat your foundation with a power sprayer using a special micro-encapsulated product that doesn’t wash away in the rain. These visits are generally done on the exterior of your home, but Aptive will examine and treat the inside of your home as needed.

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