Aptive Pest Control

  • A tailored pest control approach using high-quality, eco-friendly products.
  • Year-round protection so you don’t have to handle chemicals or insects.
  • Outstanding pest specialists that are ready to answer all of your questions, anytime.

Pest Control Services

All across the country, pests cause costly issues for homeowners. The trick to getting ahead of your pest infestation is having a trustworthy team by your side with care and expertise. Every region has unique rodents and insects that burrow and nest in unique ways. Because of this, no two pest control treatments are quite the same. At Aptive Environmental, we can eradicate pests from your property with local knowledge and nationwide experience.

As one of the top-rated pest control companies in the country, Aptive Environmental is dedicated to caring for our customers. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide environmentally safe and sustainable practices while efficiently ridding your home of threatening pests.

Our expert, certified team of pest specialists are here to answer your questions and provide emergency round-the-clock assistance. For example, our Four Seasons Protection Plan captures pests at every stage of their life, ensuring that they never return. If you detect a re-emergence, we will provide guaranteed services at no extra cost.

Considerations when hiring an exterminator


Factors like your location, weather, home materials, and lawn can determine what kind of pests you have and how they should be treated. A local pest control provider or a national brand with a nearby branch should have experience with how to treat pests common to your area.

Types of Pests

Consider what types of pests frequent your home, and confirm that the pest control company targets those pests. For example, if you hear mice scurry around your kitchen at night, make sure that the exterminating services include rodent removal. If you know your home is at risk for termites, look into whether the company offers preventive termite control.

Availability and convenience

Having a professional on hand is no good if they’re difficult to contact or can’t quickly respond to an issue. The best pest control services, like Aptive Environmental, have reliable customer service around the clock. In addition, many leading pest control providers have an app where you can contact your specific exterminator to keep in touch about arrival times or appointment changes.

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